Participation and Payment Policies

Waiver for Program Participation (Required)

I understand that Y activities have inherent risks and hereby assume all risks and hazards as a result of my or my family members, who are included as part of this membership, participation in all Y programs and facilities, including transportation to and from said activities. I further release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless, the Y, the organizers, supervisors, directors, staff, volunteers, participants, coaches, referees, as well as persons or parents transporting participants to or from such activities from any claims or injury sustained during my use of Y facilities or participation in any Y activity, whether located on Y property or not. I shall assume liability for, and defend the Y, its branches, camps, agents, servants, employees, officers and directors for any expenses including, but not limited to, attorney’s fees, reasonable investigative and discovery costs, court costs, and all other sums which the directors my pay or become obligated to pay on amount of any, all, and every demand for claim or assertion of liability, or any claim or action founded theron, arising or alleged to have arisen as a result of any action or omission by USER, its agents, servants, or invitees. USER also acknowledges that the use of the real or personal property is at risk of the USER. The Y highly recommends that you consult your physician before participating in any physical fitness program.

Waiver for Photo / Video / Audio Release (Optional)

I give my consent for any photos, video and/or audio taken of myself or my family members, who are included as part of this membership, involved in Y programs to be used for Y promotions, trainings, publications and/or displays. Please alert the staff at your local YMCA if you deny this waiver.

Membership Policies Waiver (Required)

I understand that membership to the Y is a privilege and may be revoked for conduct unbecoming a member as stated in the rules of the facility or at the discretion of the director. I further understand that membership dues are not refundable. It is my understanding that if I wish to terminate my membership in any way, I must give the Y a 14-day written notice from my original draft date. All new facility members will pay a non-refundable joining fee to be used for capital expenditures and continued development of the Ocean County YMCA. Anyone whose membership has lapsed must pay a $90 reinstatement fee upon re-registering within the first 90 days. After 90 days the full joining fee must be paid.